Arrival Information



If you’re coming from Pointe-a-Pitre, follow directions to Deshaies. You’ll be taking routes N1 and after N2 (N2 is where you’ll be spending most of your drive). Just continue on the road following the curvy turns for about 20 miles (36km). There are lots of roundabouts, so just continue at the 12 o’clock direction. You’ll know you’re in Deshaies once the road splits and you have to cross a small village (it’s a one lane street–you’ll see it!). Continue straight for approx. five minutes. There’ll be a sign on the left saying Jardin Botanique–you’re close so keep your eyes open. You’ll see a sign « Le Morne Aux Fous » on the left hand side of the road (1000ft / 300m after the garden). Turn left onto that road, continue straight down the road for one or two minutes. You’ll see a white « Gite ». That’s your destination. 


You can arrive when you want, starting  4 PM. the keys will be left in a place at your disposal (information on your booking confirmation).

CONTACT : Nicolas: +690 6 90 28 38 02 (SMS better than phone call)

No additional charges will be required upon arrival. The payment by card does not require any deposit (your card number is kept for 1 week on secure server). In case of damaged equipment, let us know quickly ! Be careful to turn off the air conditioning in the lodgings equipped : the use of air conditioning in the middle of the day implies an additional charge of 15 € / day.

POOL : Open from 9:30 AM until 9 PM. Children alone are not allowed around the pool. They must be watched by their parents.


You can use our washing machine. It is located in the local near the parking, in the last room. Do not hesitate to ask us !


Wifi: Connect to TP-LINK network. No code. Additional network at Tribord : code indicated on the wifi transmitter (near the bathroom). At La Frégate use the network named « Fregate », code : guadeloupe. 


In most rooms, a switch is located near the bed allows to control the start of the fan.


Please, dont park your vehicle on the way outside ! Vehicles must be parked inside and advanced to the maximum to facilitate maneuvering. 


Please, don’t clean your car on the parking. There is 2 cleaning stations with vacuum at Grande Anse and at Sainte-Rose (near the Esso station).


IT IS FORBIDDEN TO DEPOSIT YOUR TRASHES INTO THE PROPERTY. We ask you to carry your trashes in our garbage can, situated by the side of the road. Selective sorting (glass, paper, plastics) : Don’t put any bag ; Please compress your bottles ! If our sorting containers are full, you can evacuate your trashes in the city containers, just before the parking on your right side.


If you stop your car at the end of the road to throw your garbage, thank you to be on the right and not to block the entrance for the incoming vehicles. Risk of accident if you stop a car on the road! It is better to stop about ten meters before crossing.


The hot water takes a while to reach the tap (1 to 2 minutes). In the morning, the water is sometimes lukewarm, in case of cloudy weather. Thank you for avoiding running water for a long time. 


We ask you to clean out your legs imperatively on your return from the beach in order not to put sand in your lodging, your shower or in the swimming pool. A water pipe is located near the parking, against the mango tree. 


Thank you for not making noise (loud speaking or music) after 9:00 PM until 8:30 AM.


We ask you not to let dirty dishes or trashes, and to make sure that nothing on the ground could attract insects. No sand on the ground or in the showers. 

Leave the keys on the door.


If we are not here when you leave, please leave the keys on the door.


You can leave your luggage before your installation or before your departure. Place them in the laundry, at the bottom of the basement located on the ground floor of the house overlooking the parking lot.


– For everyday : Spar shop at Deshaies or Gas station at Grande Anse roundabout.

– Super U at 10km towards Sainte-Rose (Very expensive !) – Fruits and vegetables: in Deshaies (outdoor merchant, near the post office) or the Sainte-Rose market every morning.

– Fresh fish: Baille-Argent fishermen’s market, about 5km from here, towards Pointe Noire. In the morning around 10-11h.


Clinique des Eaux Claires – 24/7 emergency service – Moudong Sud, Jarry – 97122 Baie-Mahault

Telephone: 05 90 97 62 62[:]